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2 neue Deutschrock singles

Schlager Rockt!

Do the unexpected and here we are. "Schlager Rockt!" are  5 brilliant  German Schlager songs that invite you to dance and party no matter if in Ibiza or after a day of skiing in the alps.

Perfect Bridge - Schlager Rockt! - 02 - Ich Schenk Dir Mein Herz.mp3


Fairy Tales are not for men

"Fairy tales are not for men" is the follow up album after releasing their debut "bits and pieces" in 2014. The 16 self produced tracks stick out with well thought through arrangements, dominant guitars and melodic vocals. A mix of modern rock songs and powerful ballads for a broad audience.  
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Cries of war  - from the album "fairy tales are not for men"

02-Cries Of War.mp3